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We are passionate about supporting new and unsigned artists and would be delighted to showcase your music.


If you have full rights to your music and would like to upload it for approval, please check the points below, and if you’re still good to go then please fill in the form to submit your music.

We require you to complete the form below confirming the ownership of your music, in writing, prior to upload approval.


We really appreciate you being part of the TLC community and we will do our best to give you airtime to support awareness of your music – we really believe in creativity as a way to keep well so thank you for all that you have created and are creating!

If you are under 16 years of age, please ask your parent/guardian to CONNECT with us and give their consent for you to upload your music – thank you.

Checklist before uploading:

  • My lyrics are free of explicit content

  • The genre of music is aligned with wellbeing

  • I am over 16

  • I own all rights to my music

Are you below the age of 16?
If yes, has your parent/guardian given TLC Radio UK written consent for you to upload your music?

Thanks for submitting!


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