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    9.30-11.30am The TLC Show - LIVE Co-hosts Lesley Crowley and Claire Evans are the co-creators of TLC Connection, bringing people together in community whilst sharing an uplifting mix of music, mindful conversation and a boost of Good News from Josie Chorley. #ConnectionMatters Past Shows available via 2.22pm All Things Moon - podcast Hey Moonlovers, I’m Kellie Jones and I’m excited to be adventuring into the world of podcasts. After 30 plus years of teaching and guiding spiritual well being I figured I must have some wisdom to share with you all! I'm a Sagittarius rising so that's how I come across to the world, but in reality I'm a Cancerian Moonchild so coming out of my shell this way is a big deal for me! These two parts of me have kept me fascinated by the moon, the stars and how it all magically creates the big picture of life. I love to join the dots and alchemise our stories into something that feels better. As a Strala Yoga Guide, Moonologer and an Astrologer in training I'll be sharing all the things that save me from this crazy world we find ourselves in… Past Shows available via:
    4pm 3Spoonies - podcast We are 3Spoonies - entrepreneurs navigating our way through life and business with not enough spoons. This is a podcast for business people with chronic illness, disabilities, neurospiciness or anyone who wants to be more inclusive. We include honest discussions, useful tips and expert guests to give different perspectives on life and business with a disability. We cover topics such as business planning, knowing your limits, access to work and so much more. Join us every Tuesday for a group discussion, special guest, or community questions on the last topic! Feel free to come and join us over at the Business Success Network For Disabled Entrepreneurs here: If you’d like to find out more about our hosts; Jo O’Neil Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Claire Napper Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Karen Duncan Website: LinkedIn: Facebook:
    11.11am Green Light Realignment - podcast Clare Hardy hosts this podcast around her work as Green Light Realignment, her company that is committed to assisting individuals on their journey of self-discovery and transformation. Specialising in spiritual growth and exploring the depths of the soul, we provide tailored guidance and coaching to help you break free from negative patterns and unleash your full potential. By delving into the unique traits and talents of your soul, you will gain a profound understanding of yourself and your path to manifestation. Our sessions empower you to live in harmony with your soul's purpose, resulting in increased energy, insight, and inspiration. Bid farewell to limitations and welcome a life of abundance in all aspects through Green Light Realignment. Our services cater to individuals dedicated to self-improvement and seeking deeper self-awareness. Whether you are stuck in old habits, facing challenges, or yearning for clarity, our sessions offer the support and insight required to progress. With Green Light Realignment, you will develop a deeper understanding of your true self and your intended journey. Through intuitive guidance, you will learn to overcome karmic obstacles and align with your soul's purpose. Embrace a brighter, more resilient, and enriched version of yourself with Green Light Realignment.
    TLC Radio is still in its launch stage and new programmes will be added as we grow – thank you for supporting us to grow, and for your patience!
    9.30am-10.30am Spirit of Business - LIVE Hosted by Conscious Coach, Claire Evans of TLC Connection A 'desert island disc' type format with Claire interviewing members of her local business network and sharing their wisdom in business and life! Business wellbeing is just another aspect of what keeps us well so tune in for some nuggets of inspiration! Past episodes can be viewed via: 7-9pm The Dan & Faye Show - LIVE Partners Dan and Faye Starr are both passionate about music. A creative duo that live 50% of their time on a wide beam barge, they share the same enthusiasm for anything spontaneous & fun but also enjoy the more relaxing and mindful activities like: yoga, fishing, sailing, growing food & keeping chickens. ‘The Good Life ‘springs to mind! Sustainable, off-grid living is just one of their dreams. They have 4 teenagers between them and lead very full lives. Dan is a blues/rock singer and guitarist performing as a solo artist and in The Lemon Squeezers. He regularly plays at the Bishop Stortford acoustic club. They both attend several music events and festivals throughout the year and love stumbling across new lesser-known bands that connect to their soul. Dan has his own business in renovating, decorating, and building - Handyman Dan Faye is inspired by, nature, living mindfully and holistically she is studying reiki and aromatherapy and has a small growing business selling her own handmade natural skincare range. She attends several local fayres & wellbeing events throughout the year. she will be talking about her products and their benefits, and various natural remedies on their weekly show - Solstis Skincare Tune in for great music with Dan & Faye, every Friday night at 7PM. Past episodes can be viewed via:
    TLC Radio is still in its launch stage and new programmes will be added as we grow – thank you for supporting us to grow, and for your patience!
    TLC Radio is still in its launch stage and new programmes will be added as we grow – thank you for supporting us to grow, and for your patience!

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